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It is able to be tempting to just create your personal right away, but there are lots of bots that could do exactly what you want. in case you’d like to discover extra Discord Bots, take a look at out our Softonic answers hints!

The Best Discord Bots to Power Up Your Server

Discord has an in depth API and precise aid for Discord bot on their platform. due to this, there are lots of bots to go around. however, many of them simply replica one another’s capability. We’ve picked out the ones that do it proper, and compiled them right here.

Moderation Bots

Moderation bots aim to help make handling your network a bit bit easier, often automating responsibilities like banning problem users, filtering junk mail and specific content material, and enforcing your regulations.


MEE6 does loads of factors except just moderation, but it has a completely beneficial computerized spam filter and automoderator. you could allow this inside the “Moderators” phase of their on line dashboard, in which you may flip off things such as demanding caps and emoji junk mail, links to different servers, external links, and mass mentions.

with out a instructions to configure and an intuitive net interface, MEE6 is one of the satisfactory moderation bots on the listing.


Dyno packs a ton of instructions into one bot, including the ability to mute, kick, and ban users from the chat itself. One useful characteristic is the “softban,” a good way to ban after which unban a person to delete all their messages.


Gaius is a touch more complex than a few different bots in this listing but is pretty effective for it. One beneficial function is server-huge slowmode, that is just like Twitch’s slowmode. you can additionally create custom filters for the automoderator, and it has its very own position machine on top of Discord’s.

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