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Ddakji (딱지)

Ddakji is a conventional game played utilizing collapsed paper squares. (Cintia Mancilla)

The goal of this game is to flip one thing from side A to B utilizing another comparable piece. In Latin America, we play a comparable game with stickers or pogs with celebrated games stars or animation characters on them.

Be that as it may, you can make your own 부스타빗 effectively. You just need two squares of paper (30.5 cm by 22.86 cm, or 12 by 9 inches). Utilize a kind of paper of your enjoying, yet ensure it’s sufficiently able to be collapsed, similar to cardboard.

Traditional Korean Games that You Can Play, Too!

Growing up we as a whole had our preferred games to play: hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, daze man’s feign, checkers—to give some examples. Look at some most loved customary Korean games that may bring back recollections for a few or be a prologue to other people!

Yut Nori (윷놀이)

This exceptionally well known game is regularly played around the new year. The goal is to move all your group’s tokens (mal) back to where you started the quickest. Played with a board that was generally round yet now can be square, it has an external way and internal ways that can be utilized to accelerate a success.

Four sticks (yut) with round and level parts are tossed, and relying upon how they land, will decide the quantity of spaces you can move your token. There are two groups and no restriction to the quantity of individuals permitted on every, which can prompt an uproarious and rambunctious social event of individuals, who may yell and shouting as they cheer and sneer. Watch the accompanying video to discover how to play.

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