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Men’s Stock Hair System – Fine Mono

 The first-rate Mono Hair machine is the most long lasting men’s hairpiece. constructed of a breathable, mesh fabric, it’s far gentle to the skin and may withstand the life-style of modern-day active guy.

It’s miles the first era base material that turned into used to manufacture a person’s Hair Pieces For Mens.

As you may word inside the photos of the stock samples, the outer perimeter is normally polyurethane, also referred to as PU or Glass Silk.

The perimeter is usually 1″ wide which aligns flawlessly with the width of -sided toupee tape.  Or it may range in size up to two” to permit a inventory 8×10 hairpiece to be easily reduce-right down to a smaller base size.

The frontal material of the excellent Mono hairpieces is normally;

  • French Lace
  • Glass Silk

See below for some examples of what we feature.  you could click on at the design you like and order on the following web page by deciding on your color.

They can be brought on your door within 7 days.

listing price – $450 ea 

Skin Graft Men’s Stock Hair System

The Folligraft became the first pores and skin graft to hit the marketplace and led to the discovery of application Hair, that high-quality gimmick that lured many men into spending $three,500+ in step with yr for hair.

Commonly full head bonded to the head to feel like a second layer of skin and to keep you coming back to the salon for month-to-month attachments and frequent hair purchases.The hair in skin grafts is typically single knotted, however a few have injected hair!

The inventory pores and skin grafts for men are to be had in three one-of-a-kind pores and skin thicknesses and hair densities starting from mild to Medium/mild to Medium.

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