How can studying in Canada be of any help to you?

Indian students are getting a lot of work opportunities. This is beneficial for them because they can boost their work experience. You get the freedom to work for 20 hours a week.

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Work off campus in Canada

They can also avail a post-graduation work permit after your course gets over. This visa allows you to gain more work experience in Canada. In 2015, a large number of students, 32,000 had the study permits. And in 2018 these study permits had increased by 200% to 1,07,000.  Students also love to work because they have to get such amounts to pay their school fees. So, they schedule their work after college hours from 7-11 pm. Canada has a large number of employment opportunities. You can work at McDonalds as a part time crew. A social insurance number is needed for the study visa holder to work off campus.  The permission to work off campus for 20 hours is only given to those who are enrolled in full-time programs. For those who are not enrolled in such programs, but studying English or French as a second language, can’t get such working permissions. You can work for a longer number of hours during the time of breaks from your school schedule. You have to apply for a work permit in that situation to work.

Education in Canada helps you to get PR of this country

The education of Canada pays a lot in the long run. You can easily use this educational experience to get the Canada PR. Canada PR is easily given to someone who has an education from this country. They can get points for such education. 30 points are given to someone who has an education from Canada. Some education-seekers bring their spouse to Canada for education. The partner of a Canadian study permit holder is also given the permit to work. However, he can only work till the time, the study permit of the partner is valid. An open work permit is issued to the spouse which allows him/her to work on campus or away from campus at the job site. Application for a study permit is needed when the course changes and you can work in off-campus employment not allowed to do so previously, then you have to apply for a new study permit.

Recreation services for student’s family

There are organizations in universities that provide help to the families who stay at the campus. There are organizations such as the University Neighborhoods Association which takes care of the student’s families.  You can enroll kids in one of the programs which employ kids in art programs. There are all kinds of programs for kids. In these programs, kids who are younger than 6 years and between 6-12 years are given admission. These programs are held for the skill development of these children. The self-confidence of the kids is boosted up through these programs. The parents of the kids enrolled in such programs also mix up with each other through these programs. So, these programs make sure that the immigrants who have come here from foreign countries for study visas don’t have trouble adjusting here.
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