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The Play Games application is riding high with a progression of late changes and still a couple of more what might be on the horizon. The most recent update doesn’t bring any progressive changes, however it changes the symbols embellishing the inherent games so they would all be able to share a uniform style. Covered inside the APK are likewise signs that another easter egg is in progress that will presumably dispatch another new small scale game.

New symbols for inherent games

The merry go round launcher is getting a Boingogames of sprucing up, expecting you haven’t officially covered up the worked in games. The most recent update incorporates invigorated symbols for every one of the included games. Presently the sum total of what four have been reshaped into adjusted squares with a particular fringe. These supplant the sharp square symbols having a place with three of the past games, in addition to the totally freestyle shape for the Cricket game. In any case, it merits calling attention to that these are simply new symbols and none of the in-game illustrations have really changed.


Disclaimer: Teardowns depend on proof found within apks (Android’s application bundle) and are essentially theoretical and generally dependent on inadequate data. It’s conceivable that the suppositions made here aren’t right or incorrect. Notwithstanding when forecasts are right, there is consistently an opportunity that items could change or might be dropped. Much like bits of gossip, nothing is sure until it’s formally reported and discharged.

The highlights examined underneath are most likely not live yet, or may just be live for a little level of clients. Except if expressed something else, don’t hope to see these highlights in the event that you introduce the apk. All screen captures and pictures are genuine except if generally expressed, and pictures are just changed to expel individual data.

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